Strengthening Kits

Carbon Fiber Support offers a wide variety of custom options for strengthening kits. These kits offer all-in-one solutions for your building and improvement needs, as nearly any project can be done entirely with the limited tools and resources that are provided in one of our kits.

One huge advantage and point of ease for these concrete strengthening kits is that everything comes pre-measured. All of the required pieces to structurally reinforce concrete, such as in a basement wall, are included within one of our strengthening kits. The materials and the necessary devices to install these products are ensured to be of the correct quantity and caliber for your building and foundation’s unique situation. In short, we do the work to ensure that your installation will go as smoothly as possible, no matter who is doing the installing.

DIY kit for carbon fiber

If your task requires a more personalized and thoughtful approach, then Carbon Fiber Support is here to help with our custom carbon fiber repair kits. Every order can be customized to fit your specific needs, ensuring that the effort put into your design is exactly what you’re looking for. Rest assured that our kits will accommodate you in the best way possible, no matter what it is you may need. We say this with confidence as our concrete strengthening kits have proprietary technology that is unmatched in the industry. They have been ASTM tested for strength to ensure that there is no risk at all for entrusting your building to our products. Engineers from around the world have specified this material to be the best compound available, and our kits make it accessible to anyone who is trying to make an advancement in the structural integrity of their home, office, or any other building that could use the powerful touch of carbon fiber concrete strengthening.