Pool Deck Repair

Pool decks can present a hazard at any time and during any season, especially when they get wet and become slick. Safety becomes a real concern. But tripping and slipping hazards can also arise from cracks, holes, and upheavals in the concrete. Typically, injections of epoxy filler are used to fill in the fissures, but that repair method provides only a temporary solution, because further water intrusion, seasonal temperature changes, and the natural process of concrete settling will cause increased separation of the two opposing sides of the crack. The filler will not be sufficient to mitigate the outward movement of the broken concrete.

Carbon fiber, on the other hand, is a long-term pool deck repair product and solution that will provide stability and will stop the two sides of the crack from pulling apart. Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel and is twice as stiff, which makes it a better solution than pinning the crack with metal rods or plates. We have a broad range of pool deck repair products and solutions that come complete with rolls of unidirectional carbon fiber fabric—inherently flexible and pliable, even though the fabric is tougher than steel. Depending upon the size of your repair, you can choose kits with various lengths of fabric and amounts of epoxy adhesive, as well as kits with various accompaniments of useful accessories.

carbon fiber texture

Stronger than steel, yes, but you can also cut the carbon fiber fabric to any width and length you want. You could cut strips wide enough to cover the crack on your pool deck or you could cut smaller strips that you could epoxy across the crack to pin both sides and stop them from further separation.

The versatility and easy installation of carbon fiber make it a go-to tool for your pool deck repair projects. It lies flat and can be covered or painted to suit your particular need. Look over our catalog of pool deck repair products and solutions, and when you have questions, reach out to our support team. We can offer recommendations for your current project.