Bowing Walls

Do you want to repair your bowing wall? Our carbon fiber repair kits are great for fixing foundation cracks and Bowing Walls.

Are you in need of bowing wall repairs for your home or office? Have you begun to notice signs indicating the deteriorating strength of your walls, such as diagonal cracking at the corners of your walls, “stair-step” cracking along your walls, inward and/or outward bowing of your walls, moisture, or expansive clay soils? If so, it is important that you act fast. Luckily, we here at Carbon Fiber Support are ready to help you with your bowing wall repairs! 

Bowing walls are often far more than just an eyesore. It can be a strong indicator that the foundational integrity of your home or business is rapidly declining, which will only lead to larger problems down the road, which is why fixing foundation cracks is so important. There could be a number of reasons as to why your walls have begun to suffer integral damage, such as expansive soils and pressure from sliding earth and water on the outside of them. Regardless of what the source of the problems is, it is crucial that the issue be addressed as soon as possible. Fortunately, research shows time and time again that carbon fiber is one of the best possible materials out there for addressing such a major problem. 

Not only can carbon fiber repair the issue of bowing walls, but it can also leave the foundation in an even stronger state than it was prior to the damage. Carbon fiber is a famously preventative structural support, meaning that it is geared to prevent the very issues that have currently plagued your foundation and stop any further instances of it happening again. Get your building back into its prime with our carbon fiber foundation repair kits. Tackle your bowing walls with confidence and know that when you use carbon fiber, it will probably be the last time that you will have to worry about your building’s foundational integrity. 

Carbon Fiber Wall Strengthening Kits