CFS Saturant Structural Epoxy Case


12 Pack of Saturant Structural Epoxy



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This 12 pack of thinner consistency saturant structural epoxy is ideal for structural strengthening bowed basement walls, and concrete crack repair. The thinner consistency can be easier to apply in colder conditions.

Our concrete crack repair epoxy can effectively strengthen bowed or tilting basement walls. This epoxy is easy to apply and ideal for concrete repairs in basements and crawl spaces. Though commonly used in basement repairs, our concrete crack repair epoxy is also used for beam and column repairs and cracked foundation walls in commercial and residential projects.

Whether you’re part of a professional concrete repair business or you’re a homeowner and weekend warrior, Carbon Fiber Support has the carbon fiber components, kits, and resources you need to permanently return structural integrity to failing concrete structures. From crawl spaces to foundation walls, our concrete crack repair epoxy has the tensile strength and flexibility to provide a lasting solution to cracked or failing concrete. Whether you’re purchasing items separately or in multi-packs, or you prefer one of our concrete repair kits, Carbon Fiber Support has a wide selection of concrete repair components to make sure your project is completed with top-quality products that are among the best offered in the carbon fiber industry.

The visible signs of aging and weathering concrete are easily addressed by using carbon fiber’s structural epoxy instead of traditional metals like steel or aluminum. Carbon fiber’s flexibility, strength-to-weight ratio, and durability make it the preferred choice to reinforce deteriorating concrete. As the carbon fiber industry continues to evolve and innovative uses for carbon fiber emerge, industry leaders like Carbon Fiber Support are providing professionals and do-it-yourselfers with the highest quality carbon fiber parts, components, and repair kits available.

If you have a residential project that has a cracked or damaged foundation or a concrete wall that needs some additional support, explore the concrete repair kits and epoxies available from Carbon Fiber Support. We offer a full line of carbon fiber repair products for all varieties of concrete repair projects. Contact our team today to inquire about ordering products for your concrete repair needs.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 9 × 10.75 in
Cartridge Size

450 ml dual cartridge 2:1 ratio per unit