Foundation Stabilization

Whether because of expansive soil that shifts as it expands and contracts with seasonal changes in its water content, or because of subsidence from the removal of groundwater, sooner or later the foundation of any home or business will settle—unevenly at best—and will be in need of repair. It’s pretty much a given that when you see sticky windows and doors, gaps around garage doors, nail pops in the drywall, or cracks along the concrete foundation, something has gone askew with the structural stability of your building. But the thought of foundation stabilization and repair is enough to keep anyone up at night, especially with the prospect of invasive excavation to access the foundation or to reach the bottom of the basement walls, not to mention the costs involved.

Foundation stabilization doesn’t have to be scary, not in this modern era when we’ve discovered innovative ways to make things better than they were before. Our carbon fiber foundation repair products are a rocket-science solution to foundation stabilization and repair that bypasses the need for disruptive and sometimes destructive traditional foundation repair methods. Our carbon fiber fabrics and specialized epoxies are the best in the industry for the repair and structural enhancement of any building—residential or commercial. Our durable carbon fiber foundation repair products provide a long-term and time-tested solution for foundation stabilization, and provide the perfect opportunity to mitigate any defect in the original construction of the foundation. We sell our various roll-lengths of carbon fiber fabric individually, or as part of our assorted repair kits that make foundation repair a breeze. It doesn't matter if you’re a seasoned contractor familiar with carbon fiber as a foundation repair tool or a DIYer anxious to take on something new, our carbon fiber foundation repair products are easy to install, and we’re available for consultation when you need us.

Reach out to Carbon Fiber Support today. We’ll answer all your questions, and we’ll get you set up for your first delivery of the perfect solution for your foundation stabilization project.