54′ CFS 300gsm Uni Kit 6 Pack


Complete structural strengthening kit including 6 straps when cut in 9′ increments of 5″ wide 300gsm unidirectional carbon fiber including your epoxy, top connection, bottom connection, gloves, and trowel. Everything you need to complete your project.



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Kit Includes:

  • 54’ of CFS 300-UNI Carbon Fiber Support or 6 straps (9ft each +/-)
  • 6 CFS Saturant Structural Epoxy cartridges with mixing tubes
  • 6 #4 CFS SupportBar 6” long (fiber rebar top connection)
  • 6 Top plate brackets
  • 12 Lag bolts 3/8” x 2” and washers
  • Plastic Gloves and trowel
  • 6 #4 CFS SupportBar 18” long (fiber rebar base connection)
  • Installation instructions and safety data sheet


Do you have crumbling or unstable basement walls in need of repair? Solve the problem with a budget-friendly, complete do-it-yourself basement wall strengthening kit from Carbon Fiber Support. Carbon fiber is commonly used in the construction industry, a useful product used in foundation repair, concrete repair, and wall strengthening. Repairing or strengthening concrete walls with a carbon fiber repair kit from Carbon Fiber Support is an ideal solution because of its effectiveness and ease of use. The 54′ CFS 300gsm Uni Kit 6 Pack wall strengthening kit contains everything you need to complete your job: 54’ of carbon fiber that can be cut into 9′ increments of 5″ wide 300gsm unidirectional carbon fiber support straps. Make your job easier and avoid the hassle of having to shop for each individual component needed for your project. In addition to the 54’ of carbon fiber, this kit contains 6 CFS saturant structural epoxy cartridges and mixing tubes as well as 6 #4 CFS SupportBars that are 6 inches long (fiber rebar top connection). In addition, you’ll receive 6 #4 CFS 18” long SupportBars (fiber rebar base connection). The hardware needed for installation is also included: 6 top plate brackets and 12, 3/8” x 2” lag bolts and washers. Protect your hands with the provided plastic gloves and use the included trowel for ease of application. Follow the repair process as outlined in our easy-to-read instruction manual, designed for both the professional and the layperson. For any emergencies, a material safety data sheet is included in this basementt wall strengthening kit. As is the case with all Carbon Fiber Support’s repair kits, our products are non-intrusive and are designed for use by both the professional and the do-it-yourselfers.

Reach out to our team of experts if you have questions about our carbon fiber basement wall strengthening kits or need ordering assistance for any of our other carbon fiber products.

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 10.5 × 10.5 in