Structural Support

Whether for use in new construction or repairing older buildings, CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) is the perfect material for structural support for foundation repairs or to add strength to newly constructed walls and foundations. CFRP is used to repair cracks in foundation walls and to strengthen structural integrity to concrete walls that are bowed or suffering from horizontal cracking. A structural epoxy resin is applied to the wall and fortified with bidirectional carbon fiber, all of which are available in Carbon Fiber Support’s inventory. 

Carbon fiber provides durability and stability to structures and prevents the expansion of wall cracks. The additional benefits of carbon fiber include added protection from the normal aging process all structures experience. External factors such as wind, water, soil compression, shifting, and fatigue are also thwarted by carbon fiber’s reinforcement when it is applied correctly. 

basement wall with carbon fiber sealing

Carbon fiber’s durability, flexibility, and tensile strength make it an ideal material for structural support for concrete foundations. Carbon Fiber Support’s line of structural repair kits are easy to install and suitable for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. Structural support is greatly increased by using CFRP for foundation repairs. When the right pressure is maintained according to product guidelines and in tandem with spotless surface areas and a faultless bond, carbon fiber produces superior support.

Strengthen your project with carbon fiber. At Carbon Fiber Support, we believe in the viability and benefits of using CFRP in foundation repair and wall strengthening. We’re known for our role in the construction industry and for our superior structural support materials. We pride ourselves in offering only products that meet our high standards. Contact Carbon Fiber Support today to discuss our inventory of  CFRP products, kits, and accessories. 

basement wall with white paint