About Us

Since our founding in 2013, Carbon Fiber Support has made it our mission to provide the highest quality Carbon Fiber products. Powered by our unbreakable belief that Carbon Fiber and other composite materials are superior to steel in every way, we aim to be the industry leader, both with our products and our technical support. You won’t find better materials for your concrete and wall repair needs, no matter the size, anywhere else.

The man in charge of our entire operation, Doug, has been in this industry since 2000. In the years since he’s entered this line of work, Doug installed several types of materials through numerous methods. As time went on and after working countless jobs, he designed and developed the concrete wall repair kits that we promote today. Doug found that this is simply the best way to install these types of materials, and it has become his mission to share this knowledge with you. When you have the best materials and the best system for installing them, the opportunities are virtually limitless.

Before Carbon Fiber Support, Doug has installed a wide variety of our competitors’ products. As a result, he learned their faults and how they could be improved. With his familiarity with these materials and the insights that he gained from working with them, Doug has made it his ultimate goal to provide carbon fiber concrete repair kits that are superior to anything else that is offered on the market. We have curated the best products and suppliers available in order to achieve this goal, and we have the utmost confidence in what we provide. Regardless of what you need to repair, we firmly believe that investing in our products is the best choice you can make. Whether you’re looking for wall repair kits or strengthening kits, we have the solution to your problem and we know that you’ll be just as satisfied as we are.


Carbon Fiber Support
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