Foundation Structural Support

When foundations begin to show signs of cracked or bowing walls, CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymer) is an ideal solution for foundation structural support. Whether used in the creation of a new building or in repairs to an older structure, CFRP provides strength and durability that surpasses traditional repair materials such as steel beams. 

The most common use of CFRP in foundation repairs is in the restoration and repair of basement wall cracks and tilting or bowing walls. A structural epoxy resin is applied to the walls along with bidirectional carbon fiber. Together, the carbon fiber straps and epoxy provide durability and stability that will prevent the expansion of the crack and also add another layer of protection to the structure. When carbon fiber is used for foundation structural support the concrete will be able to withstand the effects of normal aging as well as harsher factors from the outside such as wind, water, erosion, deflection, and fatigue. When applied correctly and according to industry and product guidelines, CFRP provides benefits not available from other materials. Heavy, inflexible steel beams are no longer the favored material. Foundation cracks and defects are easily and affordably corrected by carbon fiber structural repair kits available from Carbon Fiber Support. Whether a skilled professional or a seasoned do-it-yourselfer, anyone can master the installation of our carbon fiber foundation structural support products. 

basement wall with carbon fiber sealing

Homeowners and business owners shouldn’t have to worry about a failing foundation, not when they have carbon fiber reinforcement kits available to them. At Carbon Fiber Support, we believe in both the integrity and usability of our carbon fiber products. As advancements in the industry are continually made, we have become an industry leader in supplying quality carbon fiber products, accessories, and information to concrete repair and foundation professionals who choose carbon fiber to restore and reinforce their concrete foundations. For more information about the carbon fiber products we have available, browse our website or contact us today to see which products are right for your job. 

basement wall with white paint