Do It Yourself

The Carbon Fiber product is both incredibly strong and easy to install. CFRP is ideal for repairing basement foundations, sea walls, landscaping walls, or anything in between, and its easy install allows accessibility for nearly anyone. Should you want to hire a professional or bolster your building yourself, Carbon Fiber Support’s products are the best choice no matter who’s doing the job.

Carbon fiber’s countless benefits include the fact that it wards off the progression of current structural defects and prevents future ones from forming. The most frequent use of our DIY carbon fiber foundation and concrete crack repair kits are in the use of basement foundations, but there are numerous other scenarios in which CFRP can be applied. It should be noted, however, that it is intended for vertical surfaces, such as walls, and should not be used on a flat concrete surface, such as a driveway.

The product includes detailed step-by-step DIY instructions, and the carbon fiber foundation and concrete crack repair kits contain the following items:

  • 54’ of CFS 400 Carbon Fiber Support or 6 straps (9ft each +/-)
  • 6 CFS Saturant Structural Epoxy cartridges with mixing tubes
  • 6 #4 CFS SupportBar 6” long (fiber rebar top connection)
  • 6 Top plate brackets
  • 12 Lag bolts ⅜” x 2” and washers
  • Plastic Gloves and trowel
  • 6 #4 CFS SupportBar 18” long (fiber rebar base connection)
  • Installation instructions and safety data sheet

Minimal equipment is required to install this product, which only makes the process that much easier. First and foremost, some of the required equipment includes proper personal protective gear to ensure the safety of the installer. Beyond this, a tape measure and marker are needed to make the correct measurements and properly plan for the carbon fiber’s installation. A surface grinder to smooth out all surfaces and a dustless shop vac are also necessary to make sure the intended workspace is unblemished and ready for installation. Additionally, tools such as a hammer drill, a ¼” drill bit, a plastic mortar tub, and scissors are needed to provide a safe and smooth application of the carbon fiber product. These tools, along with the other items in our DIY carbon fiber foundation and concrete crack repair kits, are all that is needed to bring your building to the next level in its capability and longevity.

DIY kit for carbon fiber