Foundation Structural Repair

CFRP is the ideal answer to foundation structural repair, whether it is used in a newer or older building. It is often utilized for basement crack repairs and foundation restorations by helping to strengthen and bolster horizontal wall cracks and slightly bowed walls. The process is simply a matter of applying a structural epoxy resin and fortifying it with bi-directional carbon fiber. A carbon fiber structural repair will provide durability and stability to the structure and prevent the crack from expanding. It will also provide an added layer of protection, both from normal aging and harsh external factors such as flexural, shear, compressive, fatigue, seismic, wind, and deflection events. This reinforcement will be achieved to great effect when applied correctly.

This product is easy to use to make repairs to basement foundations. No longer are steel beams required to reinforce cracks and defects in basement foundations. Our carbon fiber structural repair kits can be installed quickly and safely and provide immense structural support for your building with minimal effort. It is ideal for repairing previously poured concrete that has developed cracks and imperfections.

basement wall with carbon fiber sealing

When structurally repairing the foundation of concrete beams and slabs, the pressure required for forming proper bonds must be maintained. Should the pressure be insufficient, the bond will not take place as it was intended and therefore the intended reinforcement effect will not happen. The pressure must follow the guidelines that are specified for the specific product and all of the other elements, such as spotless surface areas and correctly bonded substances, must properly align as well.

When all of these factors work in tandem, carbon fiber structural repairs can reach their maximum potential and provide you with the awe-inspiring benefits that we are so passionate about. Add our CFRP to your foundation for structural repair and strengthening, and we promise that you’ll be just as impressed by its capabilities and the daily results it produces as we are.

basement wall with white paint