Carbon Fiber Straps For Basement Structural Support

Inevitably, the concrete basement walls or concrete foundation of your home or business will require some form of repair, either because of water damage or as a result of settling due to external natural or man-made forces. Damage may appear as cracks in the concrete or cracks between the concrete blocks. With the tensile strength of your foundation compromised, the walls will eventually bow inward from the excessive exertion of various pressures. The extent of the damage will depend upon the climate conditions of your area, the age of the building, the quality of the original construction, and localized activities around your location—e.g., development, construction, heavy traffic, and water elements. When there is damaged concrete, carbon fiber traps can be a tool to provide basement structural support. 

carbon fiber texture

Our carbon fiber straps can be applied to repair concrete damage that has already happened, but also as a proactive measure for structural support and the mitigation of bowing, fatigue, grade erosion, and the normal wear and tear of aging. Because carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) has five times the strength of steel and is five times less dense than steel, and because our carbon fiber straps exhibit no profile off the wall, they can be easily painted and covered over to remain unseen if you decide to finish the basement. As a proactive addition, our carbon fiber straps and kits will mitigate the expensive repairs that would be needed without the CFRP structural support.

Concrete is strong, and has been a preferred material for construction since the height of the Roman Empire, but it is by no means without its failure points and susceptibility to the effects of water, and our superior products are a perfect solution to help you repair and prevent damage to one of the most vulnerable spaces in your home or commercial space—the basement. Whether you’re a concrete mason or DIY homeowner, our carbon fiber, epoxy, and installation accessories will ensure your job is done successfully and with the desired long-term results. Reach out to our support team today and discover how our carbon fiber straps and products can protect your basement with structural support.