Commercial Concrete Reinforcement

You might have offices in the basement of your commercial building, or maybe you store inventory or all the important data, papers, and documents needed to keep your business in order. In any case, you’ve got stuff you don’t want to lose… but you’ve discovered cracks in the foundation, along the basement walls, and across the floors of your business. And now you’re worried about the destruction of essential aspects of your commercial space, the cost, loss of time, inconvenience, and mess of the necessary repairs.

None of that has to happen. If you’re an established foundation contractor and you’ve got a project that involves a commercial space in need of concrete reinforcement, we have innovative, proven commercial concrete reinforcement solutions that, in the eyes of your clients, will lift you head and shoulders above the competition.

Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) is the solution we recommend at Carbon Fiber Support to mitigate the effects of existing foundation problems and prevent them from occurring in the future. The chemical makeup of CFRP makes it strong enough to hold together the largest of cracks. In fact, the strength-to-weight ratio of carbon fiber makes it stronger than steel, yet the “woven” structure of the material makes it versatile in all situations.

We are 100% confident that, pound-for-pound, our commercial concrete reinforcement solutions are more cost effective, and are a stronger, more durable solution than tie-backs and all other traditional methods used to provide concrete reinforcement for commercial spaces.

When your commercial project requires the concrete reinforcement of a foundation, basement walls, or a concrete floor, reach out to the experts at Carbon Fiber Support. We offer a full line of carbon fiber strengthening kits and accessories to cover any situation you will encounter. We’ll help you find the best commercial concrete reinforcement solution for your current project, and we’ll get your order headed your way.