54′ CFS 400 gsm Uni Premium Kit 6 Pack


Complete structural strengthening kit for your strongest jobs; including 6 straps when cut in 9′ increments of 6″ wide 400gsm unidirectional carbon fiber including your epoxy, top connection, bottom connection, gloves, trowel, single cartridge of CFS Epoxy Paste, and Paint Tray Kit. Everything you need to complete your stronger project.



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When you need to repair a cracked or crumbling basement or foundation wall, this 54′ CFS 400 gsm Uni Premium Kit 6-Pack has every item you need to complete a successful concrete repair in no time at all. These structural strengthening and support kits are perfect for the DIYer and the professional foundation repair contractor, this premium kit will provide all the support necessary to restore the strength and structural integrity of the concrete that keeps your home or office building upright and stable. Everything is supplied to make your work easier: 54 feet of our CFS 400-UNI carbon fiber support, which you can cut into strips 9 feet long by 6 inches, and which supplies you with enough material for a multi-directional installation to effect a repair that offers more strength than the original construction. You get the 6-inch-long SupportLock fiber rebar for the top connection and six accompanying top plate brackets, with twelve ⅜” x 2” lag bolts and washers for additional support. You get all the mixing tubes and six CFS cartridges of saturant structural epoxy, along with a tray, one 6-inch roller, and two 6-inch roller covers for easy application with no mess and quick cleanup.

Each of our carbon fiber structural strengthening and support kits are carefully tested to ensure each one stands up to our rigorous product standards and will provide the strength and stability you need for a permanent repair solution. Our experts have used our products and are confident you’ll find all of our carbon fiber and epoxy products will sufficiently accomplish what you need for an effective resolution for your concrete walls or foundation.

With our complete structural strengthening and support kits, you won’t need to make continual trips to your local supplier, because you will already have everything required for a successful project. The instruction manual is easy to follow and provides a step-by-step outline for the successful installation of this premium product. And as with the installation of all our products, if you do have questions, you can reach out to us for reliable assistance and consultation.

Kit Includes:

  • 54’ of CFS 400-UNI Carbon Fiber Support or 6 straps (9ft each +/-)
  • 6 CFS Saturant Structural Epoxy cartridges with mixing tubes
  • 6 #4 CFS SupportLock 6” long (fiber rebar top connection)
  • 6 Top plate brackets
  • 12 Lag bolts 3/8” x 2” and washers
  • Plastic Gloves and trowel
  • 6 #4 CFS SupportBar 18” long (fiber rebar base connection)
  • Installation instructions and safety data sheet
  • Paint Tray Kit includes one epoxy paint tray, two 6″ roller cover, one 6″ roller, putty knife, and gloves
  • 1 Epoxy Paste cartridge used for leveling

Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 10.5 × 10.5 in