Foundation Wall Repair

Our products are absolutely the best solution for addressing cracks in the walls and foundation of any given house. By filling the cracks with a structural epoxy injection and then using bi-directional carbon fiber, there is practically no crack that can’t be fixed and even improved. This solution works whether the crack is 6 inches or 12 inches, meaning that virtually any crack can take advantage of our epoxy crack repairs and bi-directional carbon fiber.

Before carbon fiber installations and injections, foundation wall repairs were done by injecting a hydrophobic foam, one that reacts to water by expanding when contact is made. This was a temporary fix that would solve the problem initially but ultimately wouldn’t produce long-lasting results, as the foundation would still be moving afterward. This led to leaks that would continually afflict the foundation of the house with no real improvements being seen after that initial injection.

Foundation Repair

Carbon fiber has changed the process entirely in that regard. Now, foundational wall repairs experience results that last. The current process involves injecting the crack in the wall with our epoxy resin and then facing the exposed side of the wall with bi-directional carbon fiber. This process leads to a significant improvement in structural integrity and structural reinforcement; it stops the crack from moving by powerfully holding it all together.

The new process truly produces the best results that many people want but haven’t found yet due to the materials and products that have been staples in this industry before now. With the shift in building practices and materials to more sustainable and efficient models, lasting results and satisfied clients are to be expected moving forward. It is our firm belief that foundation wall repairs should only have to be done a maximum of once in their lifetime.

carbon fiber installation in the basement of a home