Commercial Foundation Structural Support

For new construction or an already existing commercial building, Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) has become one of the preferred solutions for commercial foundation structural support products and the restoration/repair of foundations and basement walls compromised by cracks, bowing, or other deflection.

Why a Carbon Fiber Solution

CFRP is 10 times stronger than steel, yet is five times lighter. Because of the “fabric weave” it will not stretch or warp, and is practically impervious to anything nature can throw at it. It is strong enough to support and hold in place a foundation that has shifted from the effects of expansive soils and hydrostatic pressure.

A major boon to you as a contractor and to your customers is the cost-effectiveness. Carbon fiber commercial foundation structural support products are significantly lower in cost than steel options. And carbon fiber is faster and easier to install. All our kits at Carbon Fiber Support come with everything you need to make the perfect fix for your customer. You simply affix a strip of CFRP to the wall with an epoxy, wait for the adhesive to cure…and that’s it. No complicated steps or involved processes. You can go home—because there won’t be any need for routine maintenance or checkups. The carbon fiber takes care of itself. Because the carbon fiber strip is non-obtrusive, your customer can paint or decorate over the supported area.

As long as you install the carbon fiber commercial foundation structural support product correctly, according to the product guidelines and in compliance with industry standards and recommendations, your work will provide benefits you can't get from heavy steel beams and other traditional materials still being used by your industry competitors.

Carbon Fiber Support is an industry leader in supplying foundation contractors with the highest quality carbon fiber products, epoxies, adhesives, accessories, and complete kits for foundation structural support and repair. We offer a huge range of solutions to ensure you find the correct one for all your commercial projects. Reach out to us today and let’s find your perfect option so we can get your order on its way.