Residential Applications

Crumbling, cracking exteriors can be a warning sign that your residence has structural concerns that need to be addressed. Our homes are built to last, but over time, they age and weaken. Facades and foundations begin to show their age and stress. Imperfections and cracks appear. When your home starts to show signs of stress, the important thing to do is to respond to the signs. Once the cracking has started, moisture and water, which may have been part of the cause of the damage to begin with, have even easier access to the foundation and interior of your home. Preventing and reducing the damage done from a cracked exterior is crucial to making sure your home has the strength to continue to provide you and your family with the safety and comfort you expect from the place you call home.

Buying a home is one of life’s major milestones. You’ll want to protect your investment by quickly and sufficiently addressing any cracking or damage to your home's exterior or foundation. Carbon fiber’s residential crack repair kits and other products from Carbon Fiber Support can repair the unsightly effects caused by wind, rain, aging, and settling. While residential crack repairs need to be taken seriously, when addressed with the right product, the structural and aesthetic qualities of your home can be protected. 

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Carbon Fiber Support offers a variety of carbon fiber products to help you address the problem of cracking in your walls and foundation, and provide strength and support to prevent future structural issues. It’s important in the process of repairing cracks and fisions to follow the product’s specifications, beginning with knowing the structural grade of your foundation to making sure all surfaces are clean and smooth. Once the area is prepped, clean, and dry, you can use the carbon fiber repair kit to complete the repairs.

Cracking, crumbling exteriors and foundations don’t have to leave a permanent mark on your home. Prevent, reduce and repair your structural blemishes with carbon fiber residential crack repair kits from Carbon Fiber Support. 

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