New Construction Carbon Fiber

There are many reasons to use carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) in your new concrete construction. With strength five times greater than steel, yet with a density five times less, the versatility and efficacy of the material have made carbon fiber invaluable in new construction.

When starting a new construction project, carbon fiber can be applied to replace a steel mesh in concrete panel faces. The CFRP grid is less corrosive and, because of its strength, requires less concrete, thus the overall weight is significantly reduced—roughly by 40%. It’s always a bonus when your final product requires fewer raw materials. The reduction in weight also translates to the need for less manpower. One of the biggest expenses for any business is the cost of labor. With a reduction in raw materials and payroll costs, the savings for any project just gets better. Concrete columns and piles, concrete beams—our carbon fiber straps create stronger reinforcement than steel for the concrete components in your construction, and they reduce the need for additional anchoring systems.

The application of carbon fiber as additional support on the exterior of a concrete component proactively protects the concrete from the adverse effects associated with soil movement and water damage, gives the concrete more stability for buildings that sway or vibrate, and gives the entire structure the ability to withstand greater loads. As with its use for concrete repair, CFRP reduces the stress imposed on steel reinforcements, reduces the width of cracks and deflection, and provides significant bolstering against earthquakes and impacts.

The future is here and the needs of the world have changed, particularly with the extensive increase in the development and construction of new commercial centers, new multi-story housing projects, and the need to restore much of the country’s infrastructure from Maine to Los Angeles. Carbon Fiber Support supplies all the carbon fiber, epoxy, and installation accessories you need to complete any concrete construction job. Since 2013, we’ve been an industry leader in CFRP products and support. Carbon fiber can be faked. Don’t take that risk. Contact us today to place your order or to get more information on how carbon fiber will benefit your new construction projects. We’re a trust named throughout the innovative world of carbon fiber.