Foundation Repair

Every building requires a strong foundation to reach its maximum potential. When the foundation is at its peak, the rest of the building will undoubtedly follow suit. No matter the state of the current foundation, carbon fiber reinforcement is the best solution for your foundation construction and repair.

Whether a basement is facing bowed walls, cracked walls, or walls with deflection, carbon fiber is the best solution to fix it all. It can rectify all of these failures and bring the basement back to be even stronger than the state it was in when it was first built. When added to a basement, carbon fiber also acts as preventative structural support, which ensures that any problems that the basement had previously will not become problems again.

cracked wall in concrete block

The beauty of using carbon fiber reinforcement for foundation repair is that it can be used on new and old homes alike. Regardless of the current age of the home, the home will behave as if it was brand new for years and years to come. This product has been tested and proven to be one of the most significant materials for building time and time again. Engineers have tested it on countless occasions and found that its tensile strength is stronger than steel, which already proves that it will have immense benefits for your home.

Safety is another huge benefit of installing carbon fiber reinforcement. One might assume that because of its incredible strength, carbon fiber must be very heavy and dangerous to install. Ironically, this couldn’t be further from the truth. For years before the widespread use of carbon fiber, basements used steel I-beams, which are very heavy and have led to several cases of people getting injured while installing them. Carbon fiber removes this risk by providing a simple and safe install; only a couple of boxes of product are required to reinforce the walls of an entire basement. Not only that, but this material doesn’t corrode, leading to lifetimes of continued safety.

Carbon Fiber covering a crack