Cracked Concrete Repair

Cracks, whether they be on a foundational level or a structural one, are an inevitable obstacle that practically every building faces. If left untreated, irreparable damage may occur and the building may reach the end of its service life. The damage and visual appearance that cracks produce can be remedied, however, by utilizing carbon fiber for your cracked concrete repair you can reverse their effects.

In order to begin addressing the aesthetic issues on the surface, such as cracks, peeling, corrosion, and serious carbonization of the given structure, careful cracked concrete repair procedures must first be carried out. Any and all cracks should initially be repaired by injecting an epoxy resin slurry into them. This will immobilize the cracks and allow for reparations to begin on a solid foundation and surface. Once this portion of the process is complete, the concrete base surface must be cleaned. This is first done by brushing away any loose debris with a steel wire brush and then forcing the rest of the remaining particles off of the surface with compressed air. After all possible physical elements have been removed, the surface should then be wiped with either acetone or clean water to ensure that the surface is as spotless as possible. After this is done and the surface is completely dry, the application of our carbon fiber kits may begin.

Before this occurs, it is important to recognize that the strength grade of the concrete that comprises the base should not be lower than C15. Should this be the case, the product will not be able to reach its maximum potential and produce the intended results. Once the strength grade is confirmed and both the carbon fiber and surface have met the inspection certificate and qualification certificate standards of the manufacturer, then the process of repairing these cracks may be fulfilled. Contact us, If you need more information for your cracked concrete repairs.

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