Repairing Stressed Concrete

There are six types of mechanical stress—tensile, compressive, sheer, fatigue, torsion, and bending. Any or all six can stress or damage concrete, and when that happens, carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is the most effective, long-term method for concrete repair, no matter what kind of stress caused the damage. Carbon fiber reinforcement on your concrete components is also an ideal tool to mitigate the effects of mechanical stress before they happen. As long as the application of the carbon fiber is clean and tidy, and you have a definite plan for the repair of the concrete, our carbon fiber concrete repair products let you install the perfect solution to repair the damage and stop any further damage from happening.

Stress in concrete is any force that causes changes in the shape of the structure, creates cracks, flaking, or pop-outs, or deforms and compromises the structural stability of the concrete. Once you determine the cause of the damage to the concrete and the direction of the stress, our carbon fiber repair products are second to none for your repair or proactive reinforcement needs. Though stronger than steel, you can wrap our CFRP fabric around columns, you can apply it in place of a straight steel brace, or you can cut it to create a custom grid to provide multi-directional support when the structure is subjected to more than one stress factor. Installation is quick and easy, and can be done during any season because CFRP is heat and water resistant.

Carbon fiber reinforced polymer has fast become an obvious choice for enhanced support in the construction of new concrete structures, and for the repair of old ones. It is exponentially lighter in weight than most traditional methods for concrete repair (aluminum, steel, metal alloy), and it is 10 times stronger. Our fabric comes in rolls of varying lengths, and we offer every accessory needed for a professional-level installation. Contact us and let’s discuss the benefits of carbon fiber repair products for your project.