Patio Repair

The last thing you want to happen in the midst of a wonderful afternoon barbecue on the patio is to pull a load of bison burgers and brats off the grill, only to trip on a crack or upheaval in the patio concrete and spill the food all across the backyard—a situation that becomes even more discouraging when you’re entertaining friends or family!

Whether you’re a contractor who provides concrete services or you’re a confident DIYer, carbon fiber is the best solution we know of for the effective and permanent repair of the concrete components of patios. With carbon fiber’s concrete patio repair products and solutions, you can halt the propagation of the crack, and you can cover it to make it no longer visible because our carbon fiber fabric goes on flat and smooth and can be covered or painted to match your aesthetics.

We carry a number of concrete patio repair products and solutions that provide combinations of included accessories for easy installation. Each kit contains a designated length of carbon fiber fabric, with or without specific amounts of adhesive, and tools to apply the epoxy to the fabric and affix it to the surface you need to repair. Our products can also be purchased separately, which allows you to choose from our selection of 300-, 400-, or 600-foot rolls of carbon fiber fabric, along with specific quantities of adhesives and your choice of desired accessories.

concrete crack

Carbon fiber is no longer a repair option for the future. It is here now and it’s going to stay. It is five times stronger, is twice as stiff, and has substantially more tensile strength than steel—yet is flexible enough to wrap around any shape and can be easily cut to any length and width. Another great advantage of carbon fiber is its unobtrusiveness compared to concrete patio repair products and solutions that involve steel plates, pins, or staples. So when you need the perfect solution for patio repair, browse our catalog of premium carbon fiber products and accessories. If you need recommendations for the perfect repair kit or combination of products, reach out to our experts. We’re happy to help!