Foundation Strengthening

You will likely own your home or commercial building for a great many years. There is every reason to believe, however, that over the course of a decade or so the concrete basement walls and foundation of your home will need repair. The hydrostatic (water) pressure exerted against your foundation, the shifting of the surrounding soil, and the subsidence beneath your home are natural processes that are just going to happen. And any one or all three of those processes will wreak mayhem upon the concrete components of your home. Knowing that, it’s prudent to remember the old proverb that a few thousand dollars in carbon fiber structural strengthening kits for your foundation is worth a lifetime of peace of mind and feelings of security.

The efficacy of carbon fiber in residential, commercial, and heavy construction becomes more evident every year. Entire buildings are being made from carbon fiber, and for years it has been used to provide support and reinforcement to concrete structures, such as highway overpasses, bridges, dams, high-rises, and parking garages. Frequently used for repair, carbon fiber reinforcement can be part of a new construction project, or used to repair or reinforce an already existing wall or concrete structure.

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Concrete sufficiently withstands forces of compression, but in many instances lacks adequate tensile strength. It becomes brittle when subjected to forces created by torsion or uneven lateral pressure. Being flexible, yet up to 10 times as strong as steel, carbon fiber straps used as reinforcement add the necessary support for concrete to maintain its integrity under extreme and diverse pressures. The installation process is quick and easy, and the benefits of the carbon fiber reinforcement for foundation strengthening is immediate and permanent.

If you’re planning to build a new structure, or you want to protect an existing structure, you won't find a better product than structural strengthening kits offered by Carbon Fiber Support. We’ve been a premier supplier of complete carbon fiber repair and reinforcement kits, installation tools, and accessories since 2013. Our support team is always eager to consult with you about our carbon fiber structural strengthening kits available to secure the structural stability of your home or commercial building. Reach out to us today!

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