Residential Foundation Repair

Don’t let unsightly cracks in your home’s foundation compromise the integrity or visual appeal of your home. With carbon fiber foundation repair kits from Carbon Fiber Support, you can strengthen and repair cracked and bowing foundation walls, adding permanent stability to your foundation and protecting your home’s structural integrity for years to come. Carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) is an innovative material used in foundation structural repair for residential and commercial buildings, both new and old. CFRP is frequently used to repair basement wall cracks and restore foundations, because it is proven effective in strengthening horizontal wall cracks and walls that are starting to bow. This cutting-edge material is easy to use, as it is simply the application of a structural epoxy resin mixed with a bi-directional carbon fiber. When our carbon fiber foundation repair kit is applied correctly, it is an excellent solution for residential foundation repair. Because carbon fiber materials are known for their incredible strength, CFRP can provide stability and durability to your foundation and halt foundation cracks in their tracks.  

Foundation cracks are not only an eyesore, they can decrease the value of your home. For many, buying a home is a life-changing event and the biggest dollar investment a person will ever make. Carbon fiber reinforcement kits from Carbon Fiber Support can help you protect your home by allowing you to repair foundation cracks that can jeopardize the integrity of your structure and even allow water seep inside. Our carbon fiber structural repair kits are quick and easy to install, allowing you to easily reinforce the structural support of your home. This amazing product is also perfect for repairing cracks and dings in existing poured concrete walls.

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A cracked foundation doesn’t have to ruin your home’s value or appeal. With carbon fiber foundation repair kits from Carbon Fiber Support, you can restore your foundation’s structural integrity and prevent future damage from occurring. Contact Carbon Fiber Support today with any questions you might have about using carbon fiber as a residential building supply.

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