CFS Saturant Structural Epoxy




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Single cartridge of saturant epoxy

Do-it-yourselfers and skilled professionals alike come to Carbon Fiber Support for their concrete structural repair needs. Whether purchasing a repair kit or buying items separately, our customers rely on Carbon Fiber Support’s assortment of carbon fiber products, concrete crack repair epoxy, repair kits, and accessories to make sure their concrete repair jobs are completed with the highest quality products available in the carbon fiber industry.

Carbon Fiber Support offers CFS saturant structural epoxy as a single purchase item. This thinner consistency saturant structural epoxy is ideal for structural strengthening of bowed basement walls and concrete crack repair. The thinner consistency can be easier to apply in colder conditions, but still has the quality and performance you expect from any product offered by Carbon Fiber Support. While CFS saturant structural epoxy is ideal for basement walls, it can also be used in other concrete repair jobs such as beam and column repair, cracked foundations, and in commercial and residential concrete repair projects.

The use of carbon fiber concrete crack repair epoxy in the concrete repair industry is continually growing and reaching new heights. Carbon fiber’s rigidity, flexibility, and strength-to-weight ratio makes it an ideal material to strengthen and reinforce cracked, crumbling, or deteriorating concrete. Don’t let the signs of weathering and aging defeat you. Whether you have a residential project such as an aging foundation or you have a commercial building in need of some TLC, a concrete repair kit paired with our CFS saturant structural epoxy may be what you’re looking for to return structural integrity to your building.

Carbon Fiber Support offers a full line of carbon fiber concrete crack repair epoxy, kits, and parts for all sized concrete repair jobs. Contact us today to discuss your concrete repair needs and decide which carbon fiber products you need to put the stress and worry of crumbling concrete behind you once and for all.

Additional information

Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 3.5 × 2 × 10.5 in
Cartridge Size

450 ml dual cartridge 2:1 ratio