Residential Concrete Reinforcement

The writing on the wall is unmistakable: stair-stepped cracks, discolorations from water intrusion, cracks in the concrete floor. The foundation of your home is compromised, and that revelation might send shivers down your spine because now your thoughts have turned to the time, the mess, and the expense to make the necessary repairs that will stabilize and provide lasting concrete reinforcement of the foundation and basement walls beneath your home.

We have an innovative solution you probably haven’t thought about: Carbon Fiber Reinforcement Polymers (CFRP). Whether you’re a professional foundation repair contractor or a homeowner who likes to roll up their sleeves and get right into the thick of it, our residential concrete reinforcement products and solutions are the fastest, most cost-effective method to restore the structural integrity of your home.

cracked wall in concrete block

Cracked or Bowed Foundation or Walls: horizontal cracks indicate the onset of flexural failure from excessive, hydrostatic pressure from the outside soil. The crack will continue to get bigger if left unmitigated. The proper use and installation of epoxy and the bi-directional application of a carbon fiber panel reduces the negative impact of the existing conditions and ensures new cracks do not occur.

Cracked Floors: floor cracks are unsightly, and they pose a trip hazard. The application of a carbon fiber solution will minimize the existing risk and will prevent the deterioration of the concrete floor.

Whether you repair concrete for a living or you’re a DIYer who isn’t afraid to get it done, look to Carbon Fiber Support’s residential concrete reinforcement products and solutions when your residential project involves concrete reinforcement for a foundation, basement walls, a cracked concrete floor, or even an exterior retaining wall that shows signs of stress from excessive lateral pressure. We’ve got a huge line of residential concrete reinforcement products and solutions including carbon fiber fabrics, epoxies, accessories, and complete reinforcement/repair kits for any kind of residential concrete reinforcement undertaking you’re ready to tackle. Reach out today and let’s talk about all the options available to you for the success of your project.

concrete crack