54′ CFS 600-Bi-6″ Kit


Complete structural strengthening or crack repair kit including 6 straps when cut in 9′ increments of 6″ wide 600gsm bi-directional carbon fiber including your epoxy, top connection, bottom connection, gloves, and trowel. Everything you need to complete your project.



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Kit Includes:

  • 54’ of CFS 600-Bi 6 Carbon Fiber Support or 6 straps (9ft each +/-)
  • 6 CFS Saturant Structural Epoxy cartridges with mixing tubes
  • 6 #4 CFS SupportBar 6” long (fiber rebar top connection)
  • 6 Top plate brackets
  • 12 Lag bolts 3/8” x 2” and washers
  • Plastic Gloves and trowel
  • 6 #4 CFS SupportBar 18” long (fiber rebar base connection)
  • Installation instructions and safety data sheet


All buildings begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. Whether a business or residential building, if cracks are starting to appear in your concrete foundation or walls, Carbon Fiber Support has concrete wall strengthening and repair kits that can help restore your structure’s integrity. Our concrete wall strengthening and repair kits include everything a professional or do-it-yourselfer needs to restore concrete walls to their former strength. The 54’ CFS 600-Bi-6” Kit features 54’ of 600gsm bi-directional carbon fiber, cut into 6 straps measuring 9’ long and 6” wide. This is a complete kit, providing all of the supplies needed to complete your project, including 6 CFS saturant structural epoxy cartridges with mixing tubes, 6 #4 CFS 6” long SupportBars (fiber rebar top connection), and 6 #4 CFS 18” long SupportBars (fiber rebar base connection). We also provided the necessary hardware: 12 ⅜” lag bolts and washers and 6 top carbon fiber support plate brackets, as well as plastic gloves and a trowel. With our strengthening and concrete wall repair kits, we’ve thought of everything you need for the job, removing the hassle of buying multiple components.

Just follow our easy-to-read instructional manual for detailed instructions. We have also added material safety data sheets to consult in the event of a medical emergency. Carbon fiber’s durability and versatility has made it a top choice for concrete wall repair and strengthening. The carbon fiber straps can be painted to blend in with your structure without creating a noticeable addition. Make your project easier by purchasing a ready-made concrete wall repair kit with all of the components you’ll need to get the job done right.

Contact Carbon Fiber Support if you have questions about our concrete wall repair kits or any other carbon fiber products or would like help with your order.

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 14.5 × 10.5 × 10.5 in