CFS 600- by the foot 600gsm 12″ Carbon Fiber Support Roll


12″ wide bi-directional 600gsm Carbon Fiber Support sold by the foot, minimum of 10′ long

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See our foundation wall repair kits



This beautiful fabric is ideal for vertical crack applications and column wraps. It’s bi-directional strength provides a permanent solution for your toughest jobs and its 12″ wide can be customized to any length you need.

Customize your project with durable carbon fiber support. Carbon fiber reinforcement is an ideal solution for those tougher concrete repair jobs. Carbon fiber support’s bi-directional rolls provide a lasting solution for vertical cracks and column repairs. Carbon Fiber Support has the carbon fiber rolls and accessories you need for all of your concrete repairs and structural integrity concerns.

Skilled professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike turn to Carbon Fiber Support for our trusted, high-quality concrete strengthening and repair products. Homeowners don’t have to live with damaged foundations, walls, or columns—not when carbon fiber strips, wraps, rolls, and fabrics are available. Carbon fiber’s strength-to-weight ratio, flexibility, and durability make it the best choice for concrete repairs in basements, cellars, and crawl spaces. Entire foundations can be structurally repaired with carbon fiber, a composite substance that has surpassed traditional metals like steel and aluminum. Our carbon fiber rolls are cut to fit any length needed and can blend in with their environment. As an added benefit, carbon fiber can be painted to match its surroundings.

The use of carbon fiber in today’s world is constantly evolving. From the automotive industry to sporting goods products to robotics used in a manufacturing line, the carbon fiber industry is constantly evolving. Traditional methods of repairing cracked concrete are being replaced by the innovative, cost-effective use of carbon fiber. Carbon fiber rolls are a flexible, resourceful option that comes in a variety of sizes, lengths, and weaves—suitable for any concrete repair project.

If your operation needs customizable carbon fiber fabrics or rolls, contact Carbon Fiber Support today to order our CFS 600- by the foot 600gsm 12″ Carbon Fiber Support Roll.

Also sold in kits.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 in

10 Feet, 11 Feet, 12 Feet, 13 Feet, 14 Feet, 15 Feet, 16 Feet, 17 Feet, 18 Feet, 19 Feet, 20 Feet, 21 Feet, 22 Feet, 23 Feet, 24 Feet, 25 Feet, 26 Feet, 27 Feet, 28 Feet, 29 Feet, 30 Feet, 31 Feet, 32 Feet, 33 Feet, 34 Feet, 35 Feet, 36 Feet, 37 Feet, 38 Feet, 39 Feet, 40 Feet, 41 Feet, 42 Feet, 43 Feet, 44 Feet, 45 Feet, 46 Feet, 47 Feet, 48 Feet, 49 Feet, 50 Feet, 51 Feet, 52 Feet, 53 Feet, 54 Feet